This website is intended to expose a cover up and whitewashing of dangerous electrical work undertaken by an electrician working for Castle Rock Edinvar Housing Association (CRE). Despite clear evidence of wiring left in the condition as shown in the images featured throughout this website, both a CRE senior manager and the association’s works manager have refused to accept any responsibility for leaving wiring in such a dangerous condition!

Following a flood in my bathroom and water tank cupboard in autumn of 2018, I had to wait almost a full year before repair work was undertaken. Repairs were only finally undertaken after a further section of the bathroom ceiling collapsed whilst I was using the shower (having been told the bath and shower were safe to use). I was hit by a considerable amount of rubble during this incident which also destroyed the shower screen.

1) Ceiling after 1st collapse 2) Rubble from 2nd collapse.

This second collapse of the bathroom ceiling and the injuries I received resulted in an official complaint to the housing association  –  The Castle Rock Edinvar manager dealing with the complaint booked a joiner and painter to fix the ceiling and an electrician to repair the fused wiring. Of the three appointments, which were booked for the same day only the electrician turned up.

The electrician In question was sent to install a new bathroom light and fix a fused kitchen light. The images and video featured on this website show the results of his visit.

Image 1) taken to report flood. Image 2) after work undertaken. The tub shown in the video/images is my water tank which has a waterproofed cardboard lid.

The electrician arrived at 9am with an apprentice and began work on replacing the fused bathroom light. This involved him working in the water tank cupboard where the flood had fused the electrical wiring in the joint box contained there. By noon i could hear him swearing to himself and discussing with the apprentice how bad the wiring was. In the early afternoon he called someone to ask for help and once again I overheard him complaining about the state of the wiring which he described as “one patch on top of another” and “a nightmare”.

This third workman arrived shortly after and they divided the work between them after discussing once again the “dodgy” state of the wiring. I could hear both workmen talking as they took turns working in the water tank cupboard. The new workman stayed for several hours but had to leave as he was due on another job. Throughout the remainder of the afternoon and up until 6pm the original electrician worked on the fused kitchen light.

The white plastic tubing shown in images below contains wiring that was taken from the hallway though the box junk room to replace wiring from kitchen light socket that was fused. I was Originally told the new wiring should have been “a simple repair” but resulted in holes being knocked through two walls and wires being covered in the exposed plastic tubing.

Wiring in junk room installed to ‘repair’ fused kitchen light switch.

Despite the tubing being firmly glued in place and despite the electrician telling me it was the only possible way to rewire the kitchen light, Castle Rock’s works supervisor later claimed (after the video being shown publicly) that it was a temporary repair. This is an outright lie although accepted without question by Castle Rock management during the complaint process. Shelley Hutton, the manager who rejected my complaint also allowed those involved to change their story after definitive evidence was presented that clearly exposed their lies.

I only discovered the state of the wiring in the water tank cupboard six months later whilst getting ready for a safety inspection (first since 1994) obtained as part of a previous complaint settlement and was shocked to the core by what I found. No other electrician worked in the flat following this incident so it is also clear that the wiring in the water tank cupboard left exposed and in clear breach of building regulation as shown in the photos and video provided happened at the same time as the other substandard work. However, Castle Rock managerstated in rejecting my complaint “I cannot provide an explanation for the wires being out of the junction box.”

The manager also stated – “The Electrical Trade Supervisor has told me that this type of wiring is common in tenements like yours and was safe, despite its age and the sleeving being out of the joint box.” & “we did not leave the electrics in an unsafe condition”

They also sent the same electrician back to undertake a safety check of his own dangerous workmanship!

With this kind of cover up of their substandard workmanship I predict that there will be a serious fire at one of their tenancies and deaths will be involved!”

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