“I have found your narrative as to what has happened to be measured, credible and reliable and I have seen evidence to support your contentions” – Caroline Keir, Castle Rock Edinvar Manager (Original Complaint Findings)

August 2020 : Within days of the Public Sector Ombudsman rejecting my complaint in full in support of Castle Rock Edinvar‘s assertion that the electrics are “safe” – The kitchen electrics have once again fused. Currently the only way I can sleep in my home of almost 30 years is to turn off the electrics at the fuse board every night before I go to bed!

August 2020: Despite the clear evidence presented here I have just been informed that the Scottish Public Sector Ombudsman has REJECTED in full my complaint against Castle Rock Edinvar Housing Association – This amounts to a “Licence To Kill” and is completely unacceptable!

Castle Rocked Edinvar – A Tenant’s Protest!

The Story of a Castle Rock Edinvar Tenant’s Two Year Nightmare!

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Castle ROCK Edinvar Manager Shelley Hutton’s conclusions in rejecting my complaint relating to the fact that whilst repairing damage following a flood in the flat above, an electrician working for the housing association left wiring in a condition that breached building regulations, was dangerous and posed a serious fire risk…

“I cannot provide an explanation for the wires being out of the junction box”

“The Electrical Trade Supervisor has told me that this type of wiring is common in tenements like yours and was safe, despite its age and the sleeving being out of the joint box.”

 “We did not leave the electrics in an unsafe condition”

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